For 4 years, Dafne has helped empower souls to discover the true source of their earthly limitations.  As a Floral Alchemist and Theta healer, Dafne holds one-on-one sessions tuning into an individual’s higher purpose through a crystal pendulum, flower essences, and crystal water. Dafne’s gift is to tailor a personalized recipe allowing clarity and movement toward wholeness.  Floral essences subdue emotional attachment to current circumstances, promote clarity to overcome any situation, and encourage a conscious path to growth.  Although our external circumstances may not change, floral essences give us the ability to change our approach.  With a lightened perspective, we can regain our strength and overcome life’s issues with grace.

Dafne, a renowned practitioner works with 300 flower essences from all over the planet sourced from world leading companies.  Dafne creates true flower essence recipes for the soul.


Through years of experience in flower remedies and Theta therapy, Dafne has developed a unique, holistic and individualised approach to her healing practise.

As an alchemist and with her intuitive ability to connect with the divine, Dafne uses a crystal pendulum to ascertain from her collection of hundreds of flower essences, the appropriate flowers for the clients’ true needs.

The remedy is specific and individualised and provides the properties needed for the client at that time.

Once the essences are identified, Dafne will prepare the elixir and finalizes the therapy by explaining The properties of the flower essences and how they will enhance the client's’ well being.

Dafne offers a selection of therapies. Her program is delivered with permission, compassion, integrity and consultation in a safe and welcoming environment.

Due to Dafne’s ability to connect with the divine, consultations, with the flower remedies can be made via telephone or Skype if the client is unable to attend her practice.


At times we need a “jump start “, when we decide to change direction in our life, whether that is a conscious decision or not.   All a sudden one day we are in a storm that involves our very foundations being shaken to the core.   Helpless and moving through a heavy cloud, we often need guidance in any form just to allow us to view our position.  Dafne’s tailored made flower essence was the remedy providing me with clarity.   It allowed me to create a space within my core so I could see and feel what patterns I had attracted, and what part of the story I was enabling.  In that storm I had a clear distinct opportunity to decipher everything that was going on around me.   The drops would last for a few weeks, so when I went back for another consultation I was always amazed how accurate her recipe was in relation to how I was feeling at that very moment, with the flowers changing accordingly.  Each flower highlighted different aspects of myself, where I seemed to be struggling, and those specific areas needing healing.  Dafne is a pure alchemist, a soul who is able to access such a divine gift, the value of her recipes are priceless and was an important guide in my personal journey, am so grateful for them.


I have been seeing Dafne for flowers for over a year now. I was drawn to having my flowers done by Dafne because she customizes the flower medicine just for you. With my first bottle I found the flowers to be supportive in making gentle shifts, helping me to see, and in some cases, break old patterns. I was comforted by them as I moved through my days. The most noticeable effect they had on me was after my father died. I received my personalized flowers in deep grief and was experiencing instantaneous soothing each time I took them. I felt I had more capacity to get through such a difficult time with the flowers helping me along. From that point on, I have sought Dafne out to continue supporting me with flower

remedies through my life, in all of its ups and its downs. Each time I work through a bottle I feel a subtle shift in me for the better. And each time I take a new remedy I feel softly awakened to the next piece of my journey. I don’t know where I’d be without this amazing support. Thank you Dafne for being a flower whisperer and intuiting so cleanly and clearly what’s needed each time I request a new potion. I am deeply grateful.


I have been going to Dafne now for flowers for the last 2 years. Each and every time she has been intuitively guided to provide me the exact flower recipe needed. She is the modern day medicine woman who connects with the flowers and her passion and love comes through the recipes she creates. Thank you Dafne.


Dafne's flowers change my life and it's very transformational! I feel the changed in my life instantly in a first day! Dafne's approach is amazing, she explains what the flowers will do for you and it's always very spot on and always exactly what you need! Thank you Dafne for changing my life!