Patricia and Richard are authors of numerous articles and books about flower essences, including the best-selling Flower Essence Repertory, now in its fifth edition and translated into six different languages around the world. Richard and Patricia have traveled extensively, giving seminars throughout the world on flower essence therapy. They also manage Flower Essence Services, which produces flower essences and herbal products at Terra Flora, their 27-acre USDA Certified Organic and Biodynamic gardens and wildlife sanctuary in the northern Sierra foothills of Nevada City, California. 

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera flower remedy is needed when the individual has over extended their energy and the immune system is low. These individuals may have lots of energy but often times overdo it, resulting in exhaustion. Aloe Vera flower essence harmonizes body and soul by balancing the stress of life. The 'flowing' qualities of renewal and rejuvenation may then be restored. When the energy is restored, a fiery enthusiasm returns to revitalize creativity within the soul.